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Hello everyone

Hope your week is going well, weekend soon! A few items to chat about this week:

Iron On Transfers

The iron on transfers pack 7 & 8 are back in stock

As you know there is an iron on transfer for every digital pattern in the shop (except the free ones) and for the last 4 books. So if you download a digital PDF pattern and don’t want to transfer your own outline you can purchase an iron on transfer. They are really easy to use and can be used more than once – I have used mine up to 5 times successfully.

Packs 1 – 9 include multiple patterns in a pack. Once you have a pack in your stash you can download a PDF pattern whenever you like and iron on the transfer ready to stitch. When you click on a PDF pattern you will find a link to the transfer pack that you need for your convenience. We are in the process of adding a variant on each PDF pattern which will make it even easier for you.

Printed Booklets

As you know I discontinued all kits at the end of 2018 but as so many of you have requested the pattern in printed form, I have decided to provide the option of a printed pattern booklet for some of the PDF patterns, so you can purchase either a PDF or printed booklet according to your preference. Many of the PDF digital patterns now include this option as in the Provencal pattern below and there are more on the way.


Based on the results of our embroidery pattern survey, I decided to have a go at creating my own artwork for future embroidery designs. For years I have requested permission from various artists or paid huge sums to license designs and recently I found that many of these artists have licensed their designs exclusively to Cross Stitch companies so I no longer have the option to license them. It has been many years since I picked up a paint brush so I was not sure if I could still paint, but nevertheless decided if I wanted to move forward I needed to give it a try. So I got hold of my daughter’s paint brushes and box of watercolor paints that she uses for school and proceeded to the drawing board. My first attempts were a bit clumsy and a few ended up in the dustbin, but it is starting to come back to me slowly…. I have now painted a few rough sketches with ideas for embroidery patterns. I hope to use them for needlepainting and of course shading is very much in mind while I am creating them. I am sharing some of these with you as would value your opinion: Do you think these will work well for embroidery patterns, am I on the right track with the naive landscape scenes so many of you requested?

Fisherman’s cottage

Lavender Fields in Tuscany

Scottish Loch

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


46 thoughts on “Printed Patterns & Artwork”

  1. I think your watercolors will transfer very well into thread painting. I would love to stitch some of them

  2. Have you ever thought of painting your beautiful designs on needlepoint canvas? There is a huge market for painted needlepoint canvases.

  3. Hi Trish – your paintwork is spot on & of course just sooo beautiful!

    Looking to seeing them in stitching form. M A G I C. 😊


    Cheryl Bruce

    South Australia

  4. Hello Everyone. A big thank you for all your replies, enthusiasm and constructive criticism it is so appreciated and I am feeling very inspired to go ahead with some of these landscape designs! Your comments have all been taken into consideration. Please forgive me if I do not respond to each and everyone of you individually, I just do not have the time at present as have to focus on the new book which is due for delivery in June, lots to do!
    Happy stitching. Trish

  5. I absolutely love your new paintings, and would purchase pdf downloads of them all. Looking forward to seeing your new ideas.

  6. Hi Trish, I absolutely LOVE the landscape scenes, and I think they would be a wonderful addition to the portfolio. The idea of filling the picture with bright bold color all around is very appealing to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase these. Thanks.

  7. Waow Trish! I love the 3! Maybe with a preference for the Tuscany scenery! Will probably buy all 3 at the end 🤗 – You are really gifted, but I also know it’s a lot of work and practice! Sometimes wonder where you find the time to do all this! Take care. *bee.

  8. Love them all Trish BUT my favorite is the Scottish Loch. Cannot wait for the PDF downloads. Thank you

  9. Trish, I think these are lovely. The colours are really lively. Good exercise for you to stretch beyond the comfortable.

  10. I find these pastorales very comforting. They take me back to “home,” places I have not seen in many years.

  11. You are definitely on the right track, Trish! I love your paintings and look forward to seeing the designs in your online store.

  12. They are all lovely landscapes and would not give the feeling of “OMG” I could never embroider that.
    Good luck.

  13. C’est vraiment très sympathique de partager vos envies avec les nôtres.
    Mille mercis pour les magnifiques heures de détente que nous passons grâce à vous.
    Je brode depuis de longues années mais j’ai appris énormément avec vous.
    Cordialement et ….. à bientôt

  14. I think these are great. Simple with lots of room for stitchy details and variety of stitches. The subjects are lovely and soothing. Something that is a joy to stitch over an extended period of time. Go for it!

  15. Trish,
    I think you are on the right track. I like these scenes. There is a home sweet home feel about them, and I think they would work in thread painting.

  16. Gorgeous paintings, you’re certainly on the right track. love them.

    with thanks, Jen Wark

    On Thu, 31 Jan 2019 at 19:55, Trish Burr Embroidery wrote:

    > trishburr posted: ” Hello everyone Hope your week is going well, weekend > soon! A few items to chat about this week: Iron On Transfers The iron on > transfers pack 7 & 8 are back in stock As you know there is an iron on > transfer for every digital pattern in the” >

  17. Your paintings are so beautiful and I think, exactly what we all envisioned when we voted. Thank you for taking the paint brush in hand again–your gift is still there!

  18. Your detailed instructions with thread color charts & sequence of stitching is especially helpful.
    May I suggest pursuing collaborative relationships with artists, designers, & photographers who would like to have their work translated into needlepaintings? I for one, recently retired & picked up long forgotten hand embroidery & needlework skills that my elders taught me in childhood. I have an enormous collection of sketches, designs & plant photos from 40+ yrs as a pro landscape architect, photographer & designer that I would love to translate into hand embroidery compositions. Your pdf color confidence book, handbook & patterns are valued resources in my learning process, but the time needed to figure out thread selections, sequencing, & type of stitch for my own designs can be daunting.
    I am a great believer of open resource & would not require licensing for much of my digital photo files. Would this be a conversation you’d be ibterested in pusuing? Best wishes!

  19. Each of your new options are a gift! As you are expanding your skills, e.g., brushing up on your painting skills, it allows your audience to also expand their skills. With the exception of the cottage with the boats scene, each of your painted scenes are lovely and should provide satisfying hours of stitching for many of us. Thank you for sharing your dedicated talents! Jo Tucker Port Royal Island, S.C.

    On Thu, Jan 31, 2019, 4:56 AM Trish Burr Embroidery trishburr posted: ” Hello everyone Hope your week is going well, weekend > soon! A few items to chat about this week: Iron On Transfers The iron on > transfers pack 7 & 8 are back in stock As you know there is an iron on > transfer for every digital pattern in the” >

  20. You definitely on the right track Trish they are all incredible. Again your colours are so vibrant so YES YES congratulations you clever lady 💐🌻🥰

  21. Trish, These are lovely. They give the feel of pen and ink with colour wash. Looking forward to them.

  22. Hi Trish, those are very cute. Love the colours. They would work well as embroidery patterns. Jo.

  23. Hi Trish I think your Scottish Loch design is beautiful. Such an unusual design and I am amazed at the wide variety of designs you produce from intricate flowers now to very distinctive landscapes.

  24. For the iron on transfer patterns, does the transfer pattern wash out after the item is washed? Thanks Judy

  25. Hi Trish
    Your sketches are AMAZING!! You have such talent.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Have a great day

    [Network & Computing Consultants]

    Rina Scholtz

    T: 0861-555444 | +27(0)87-2885100
    F: +27(0)87-2885099

    E-mail Disclaimer

  26. These would be of interest to me Trish. Enjoyed Provencal so much I would enjoy anything in a similar vein. Good luck with your painting.

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