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Hello everyone

How is your week going? I know is has been freezing cold overseas, but in our part of the world we have been experiencing heat waves and constant power cuts, which is very disruptive to all things embroidery! As I don’t have much time to use the computer between power cuts this will of necessity be short, but very sweet:).

Cotton Muslin

The white cotton muslin is back in stock. You can find it here.

Printed Booklets

There are several new printed booklets available in the shop. When you click on a PDF pattern you have 3 options: PDF pattern, iron on transfer and printed booklet. The booklet is a new service provided for those of you who prefer their patterns in print, you asked and it was supplied. Not all the PDF patterns have this option but most of the more recent patterns do.

European Bee Eater
Tutorial in Needlepainting.
Lesson in Needlepainting.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching.

3 thoughts on “New In Shop”

  1. Hi Trish – I know you have done a pattern for a VW Car in your White Work in Colour Book. Have you by any chance ever done a pattern for a VW Combi Van
    I know this is more a question rather than a comment but thought it was a opportunity to ask.

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