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How are you? Cant believe that Christmas is just around the corner ? You will probably be approaching winter in your part of the world, but here in Cape Town it is Spring and we are going into summer. Most people spring clean their houses but as you know my motto is “Embroidery Forever, housework whenever” so I chose to spring clean my Embroidery shop instead! I am sure you will agree that the trend these days is “less is more” – we are all trying to declutter our homes and keep everything simple and stylish so this was my approach when cleaning out the shop. Here are some of the updates you will find on the site:

Home Page

The first thing you will notice when visiting the site is that it has a simple, fresh green and white aesthetic . At the top of the page you will find a language translator and also a currency converter so you can now view the site in your own language or see prices in your own currency. On a side note please be aware that the currency will always revert back to US$ at checkout, but you will be charged in your own currency on your bank statement. This is because the site only has the ability to manage one currency.

Social Media

If you want to subscribe to this Blog or follow me on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram you can click on the Social Media icons at the top of the page or use the Blog sign up at the bottom of the home page.

Main Menu

The main menu is simple and easy to navigate to each part of the shop. There are no more confusing drop down menus, simply click on each title and it will take you to the relevant collection.


You can now shop by collection: Patterns, Books, Materials, Transfers etc. The collection will open to sub collections so you know exactly where you need to go for any specific item. For example in the PATTERNS collection you will find either Digital Patterns, Lessons, Pattern Packs, Printed Patterns or Fabric prints. Each item has it’ own section so you dont get confused! The Digital pattern section has been decluttered and some of the older patterns have been archived. These are now selling at a slightly reduced price and can be found in the the Pattern Archives.

Help & Resources

One of the biggest additions is the Help & Resources section. This is where you go if you are new to embroidery or want any information on materials, fabric, threads, and embroidery preparation. There is a new Thread Charts section where you can access full colour DMC, Anchor and Au Ver a soie shade charts and thread conversions for the brands that I use in my patterns. You can download a free stitch guide or watch video tutorials. If you lose your download or are having any problem with your PDF pattern this is where you can get help. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section where you will find most if not all the answers to your queries plus where to get information on Upcoming workshops.

I hope you like the changes and find the new resources helpful. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


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