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Hello everyone

Hope all’s good with you – it is that time of the year where everything seems to be happening at once ? I have a few things to share this week:

New embroidery pieces.

There is a new embroidery piece, Japanese Poppy & Bee for sale in the Embroidery shop and I hope to add one or two more before the end of the month in time for Christmas. My teenage daughter persuaded me to try stitching on different colored backgrounds, so this one was hand dyed with a natural indigo and came out a lovely pale denim blue. It is stitched in Soie d’alger silk and sure you will agree that the shades pop on the blue background? It has given me food for thought…. thinking about working with different colored backgrounds next year, what do you think?


This is my Christmas present to you this year. The DVD The Long & The short of it is now free to view on You tube. You can find the link here. As you know we discontinued the DVD last year due to the fact that it was filmed many years ago before the advent of High Definition, and the video quality is a bit dated, but rather than shelve it completely I had it adapted by a professional for viewing on the internet. The video is a complete workshop with myself, that takes you through from materials, preparation to stitching techniques and much more. Originally it was in sections, but the technician managed to loop all these together, so it can be viewed as a whole. It is just over an hour long and has many useful tips and hints. I hope you enjoy it.

Black Friday

The Black Friday sale will commence on Thursday 28th – 29th November 2019. There will be 25% off selected Digital patterns. The shop will be closed on Wednesday 27th to prepare the site for the sale which will open +/- 8am ( South African time) till 6pm on Friday 29th. Normal service will resume on Saturday 30th December.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


7 thoughts on “Embroidery News”

  1. The colored fabric is a great idea. That’s why it’s fun to work around others as you can learn new and wonderful things! I love the poppy and bee and can’t wait to see other new kits.

  2. Thanks for the YouTube video, I watched it last night and even though I have several of your books I saw little ways to improve my stitching.

  3. Thanks for the YouTube. I have the video & have had it from the beginning. It’s been a great tool. Oh I love the poppy on the blue background. And yes, more colored linen. Love it. I am finishing a class with Kathy Andrews – Trevelyon’s Miniature Pocket & was wondering what I could stitch next with my silk threads…. Now I know. Thank you.

  4. Hi Trish, The coloured backgrounds would be great. You may consider making some coloured fabrics available ….or kits?…for those who are not into dyeing own fabric. The Poppy is beautiful.Hopefully a kit to look forward to?? ( looking forward to viewing the black friday deals)

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