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Hello everyone

Hope you are doing well? In South Africa we have gone into level 4 of the lockdown period which means some essential services have been resumed and will continue to resume through to level 1 when the situation has normalized. Unfortunately, our borders remain closed so there is still no International shipping and I am unable to give you a date as to when the shop will re-open.

However this does not stop us stitching and this week I am excited to share with you a little stitch along (sort of) idea that I have been working on. It promises to keep you occupied during isolation or if you have lots of other projects on the go you can do this in between or save it for later.

Mini Embroidery Journal

I have been working on my own (larger) Embroidery journal when I get time and it is giving me so much pleasure – mainly because it gives one the freedom to stitch different designs and also because it is just for me! It occurred to me that a little mini journal would be a great idea as each project is not very time consuming but at the end of it, you will have something very special, a collection of projects housed in a beautiful little book. I might even do 3 little journals, one for each of my daughters? This mini journal comes with my compliments, it is free for all to use in any way you choose.

I have prepared a pattern for you with the layout and construction of the cover and pages, you can download the PDF pattern here. It is very simple to construct and can be made with whatever scraps of fabric you have on hand – a list of suggested materials is included.

Sample Journals

Here are some samples that I made using my fabric stash – you can have fun using a mix of different prints or you could use solids. You can embroider the front cover, leave it plain or decorate it, there are no rules you are free to do whatever you like.

mix and match outer cover, spine and inner cover.

Easy Page Construction

The pages are double – so the designs will be worked on facing pages. The reason I chose to do it this way is because it is much easier to sew down the centre of the double page when you insert them into your cover, then it is to try and bind a whole lot of single pages. The journal consists of 3 double, pages, or 6 single pages back and front which allows for 12 mini projects. The pages can be created with plain white or cream fabric or you can have some fun with using different colours or even subtle patterned backgrounds.

The pages you see in this sample are blank – but we are going to fill each page with embroidery projects over the next few weeks – something to look forward to!

Each week (or when time allows) I will release a new design, which will be posted here on my Blog, so you can stitch the next page of your journal.

Project for page one

These will be a combination of Needle painting, Surface or Whitework embroidery designs. You are of course welcome to put in your own embroidery projects if you prefer., change the colours or use whatever threads you have on hand. Each design will include a basic pattern which includes:

  • A photo of the finished project
  • A stitch diagram
  • Material list
  • Instructions.

If you need help with the stitch techniques or preparation and do not already have a copy of my Handbook you can download a copy here.

You can find the project for page one here.

Pattern Downloads

Here are the pattern downloads for this week – you will need Adobe acrobat reader or similar PDF reader to download them – if you don’t have the program you can download it for free here.

Hope you enjoy stitching your mini journal and till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.


53 thoughts on “Free Mini Embroidery Journal”

  1. I just found this blog and project What a lovely idea to calm us in these trying times. Bless you.

  2. Hi Trish, Thank you so very much for the journal project. I love it! I’m looking forward to receiving project 4! Thanks for your generosity. I absolutely love your designs and patterns. Instructions are always great.

  3. Thank you, Trish, for this wonderful project. I have been laid off since the middle of March and have completed 3 of your designs in that time frame, plus a lot of home improvement projects. I really needed a little pick-me-up project like this. Praying for all my fellow stitchers. Thank you for all your wonderful designs. I just purchased the Crewel and Surface work book to try my hand at that technique and love it already, the first project just took me a few days to complete. God Bless you and your family.

  4. This is such a delightful idea and thank you for your generosity in sharing this Trish. I love that the completed embroideries can also be made into a finished item! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this wonderful idea and the patterns. I also love the idea of a stitch journal. So very grateful.

  6. Trish thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love the idea of a small project. I have already cut all the pieces of fabric and have started the embroidery on page 1.

  7. Oooh thank you so much for this, definitely doing this with you. I’m in South Australia, things are looking very positive for us, but as a GP I am really relying on my embroidery to wind down and relax now more than ever Dragica

  8. You are sooooo generous Trish! Thank you!! I will NEVER forget how you rushed to my resque after John died. Your inspiration and encouragement helped and still does, so much in my road to recovery and healing. Bless you! Bless you!!💕

    1. Liandre I did nothing! My heart went out to you and I was so glad to see you slowly resurfacing with the help of your embroidery. It has been a very difficult adjustment and good to see you are doing better. lots of love xxx

  9. Thank you Trish. With you journal pattern I can go ahead with confidence. I already have some small embroideries including some of your thread painting so maybe I could stitch some onto the pages.

  10. Thank you so much Trish. I had been thinking of doing something like this since reading Mary Corbett’s blog. She also suggests stitching small finished pieces of embroidery onto the pages. I went looking and found quite a few I could stitch in including some of your designs (such as a daisy and the blue wren). With your pattern for the journa I can continue with confidence. Thank you again.

  11. Thank you so much Trish – what a great idea and all the instructions to make it – thank you for your generous gift. Also condolences on the passing of your father, I’m sure your creative work will be a balm for you at this time.
    Kind regards

  12. Thank you Trish, a lovely project to do at this time. I have made a childs book before but out of published pages. This will be a great gift you are giving . Stay safe. Joan Brackley

  13. Thank you for these patterns. I have been wanting to make such a book for some time, didn’t know where to start, you have solved that problem beautifully. Thank you.

  14. Omg you’re an angel bearing gifts. I’ve been looking for decent fabric journal patterns recently and found mostly baby books from pre-printed fabric. I thought I’d have to figure it out myself before getting your email. THANK you Trish, I’m totally filling my first one with patterns from all the books I have of yours.

    1. I know exactly what you mean it was difficult to find a pattern and eventually I had to enlist the help of my cousin who is an expert seamstress, to create my own. I made many, many samples before I found the one that worked best. Sewing is not my strong point I am always a bit nervous to make my embroidery into “anything” so this was quite a feat and I can promise that it works!! Enjoy it. Trish

  15. Trish, a gazzilion thanks!!!
    This is probably an obvious question, but we assemble the pages after embroidery is finished, right? Otherwise the backs would show.

    1. Yes you will embroider all the pages and once they are complete you will assemble them, sew them and construct the book. It shows you step by step in the instructions. X

      1. PS. Suggest you complete all the embroideries and put them somewhere to keep clean until you have all 6 pages ready. You may need to wash and block them before assembly but we will cover this in a Blog post once everything is ready. You can make the cover in the meantime if you want to or you could also do this later. For now just get on with the embroideries. I found it helped if I drew the page outlines and seam allowances on with an HB pencil before doing the embroidery, that way you know your pages are all the right size and ready for cutting out. Trish

        1. Hi Trish,
          I had the same query regarding when to do the embroideries. I’ve never done something like this before so I’m really looking forward to your blog updates.
          Cheers from Sydney, Australia.

        2. Hi Trish, A successfull method that I use is the following: I keep cardboard inner rolls of baking paper, tin foil etc. Cover with tissue paper or fabric and carefully, ensuring that no creases form, roll the embroidery right side down around the roll. Several on one roll also works….not too tightly rolled

  16. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to making my journal! Bless you.
    Debbie Smith

  17. What an adorable project! Thank you for offering it to us. Stay strong, stay healthy.

  18. Thank you so much. I just started your Tuscan landscape. Your patterns are very meditative for me. I’m excited about this new fun project. Stay safe, happy and healthy.

  19. Thanks so much Trish, it is a wonderful idea and arrived just when I needed some inspiration to keep me occupied. It’s my daughter’s birthday in November so this will be a lovely present for her. Keep safe and keep smiling.

  20. Adorei!! Era o que precisava para fazer meu caderno de pontos de bordado.Obrigada!!

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