Good morning everyone. It seems I unwittingly clicked on the “Automatically fulfill all orders” on my site yesterday and the site has sent out shipping confirmations to all orders that were received. Please accept my apologies – my head is not on this planet. If you have received a shipping confirmation it is an error. Only Superwoman could pack and ship your order within a few hours, and I am definitely not Superwoman!!

I have manually sent each customer an email explaining, but if you did not receive one please ignore the shipping confirmation and know that your order will be shipped in a few days. We have had a rush of orders since re-opening yesterday so order fulfillment may take a bit longer than normal to work through, but it will be no later then early next week. Thank you for understanding.


South African customers you will be pleased to know that there is now an option to pay by EFT (bank transfer) at checkout. You can read all about it here.

Have a lovely day


2 thoughts on “ERROR”

  1. No need to become a Superwoman. Just keep what you are : a wonderful embroiderer eager to share her skills with all of us !!! Best wishes from Paris.

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