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Good morning everyone, I hope you keeping well?

As promised I am going to share a bit of background information on the new book – Kew Book Of Embroidered Flowers

In May 2017 I was offered a commission by Search Press in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to create a book on their botanical art in embroidery. I was in heaven! Not only was the subject matter dear to my heart but I felt very honoured to be associated with this time, honoured institution.

Initially I was given access to over 200,000 botanical paintings, by famous explorers and artists such as Sir Joseph Banks, and Sir William Hooker, some of which are over 160 years old. It was a mammoth task to sift through these paintings and compile a selection to use for reproduction in embroidery. I created Pinterest boards to save my favourites, and by a process of elimination, whittled it down, so I could compile a collection for use in the book.

Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817 – 1911)
Ehret, Georg Dionysus, born 1708 – 1770 –
Honzo Zufu [Iris] Kan’en Iwaskaki 1821 – 1828

Some of the paintings were very old and faded, so had to be cleaned up and traced in Photoshop. I decided to try and reproduce them as they would have looked originally and not with time and wear.

The stitching, instructions, diagrams and manuscript took over 2 years to create – it was a labour of love and I gave it my all. My daughter Stacey was engaged by Search Press to do the photography – she flew over from the Uk for a visit and it was all done in my garden. It was a family affair even the cat got involved! It was so meaningful to have Stacey involved and I have her to thank for all the gorgeous photographs of my work.

Click for larger image. Magenta Flower Line by Rachel Peddar Smith We decided to include one contemporary botanical painting in the book and Rachel, who is a Kew artist, kindly gave me permission to use her exquisite Magenta flower line, which I adapted for use.

In 2019 I was able to visit with Search Press and Kew Gardens where I got to meet the lovely people behind the scene, and see the extensive Kew library in the flesh. The whole experience seemed quite surreal to me and I had to keep pinching myself!

To all of you lovely people who have taken the time to email and tell me about the book, I am not able to reply to each and every one of you right now, but thank you, it is lovely to hear your thoughts and much appreciated. The book is now available worldwide. You can find more information on the book and where to buy it here.


Your orders are all packed and shipped. Please note we have limited stock of some items in particular the Premium white Libeco Linen. The Manufacturers are trying to catch up on production due to the Covid lockdown period, so it could be some months before we receive new stock.

Monaco Linen

Some of you have emailed asking how the quality of this linen compares to the Premium linen. It is a beautiful linen, slightly heavier weight than the Premium but can be used successfully for both Needlepainting and Whitework. We have some stock and it would make a good replacement for the Premium at present.

Supreme cotton muslin

The manufacturers have discontinued production of the Supreme cotton muslin so it will no longer be available. I have done some research to try and find alternatives stockists for you – the closest I can find is the Southern Belle 200 count muslin – you can find a list here.

Iron on transfers

Some of the transfer packs are out of stock and it will take some time to get new stock. Deliveries are slow at present due to Covid, so thank you for your patience.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, hope you are enjoying sunny skies, keep smiling and happy stitching.


10 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes”

  1. Dear Trish,
    I received your book alst week. It is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful journey you have been on (and your gorgeous cat). Thanks for sharing it with us. I got goose bumps and teared up when I saw the reference to Ecclesiastes. God bless you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful book contents. It all looks amazing and must have taken a lot of sewing hours. An absolute sewers delight.
    Kind regards Irene

  3. Thanks so much Trish, my copy of your book arrived today. No words can describe it’s beauty and your instructions are so clear. Exquisite photography and presentation. I love it.

  4. Trish I also received your fabulous book two weeks ago. I’m absolutely thrilled with it. It is the most beautiful book just to look at even if you don’t sew. Your embroidery is out of this world. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it and so filled with enthusiasm to start needle painting. Your descriptions and plans are so easy to follow, even for a beginner! Thank you for all of your hard work.

  5. Bonjour, Je pense que ce livre doit être magique. Pensez vous le traduire en Français comme certain de vos autres livres Merci Admirativement

  6. Trish I received your book two weeks ago, after waiting (impatiently) for months since you announced the new book. I am in heaven it is absolutely stunning. Even for non-needleworkers it is the most beautiful coffee table book. My daughter, who doesn’t do needlework but is a botanist – couldn’t be more impressed, I am thinking of buying her a copy just because she loves looking at it.

    Kind Regards,
    Val Watson (UK)

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