Stitch along Clarification

Hello everyone

There seems to be some confusion about the upcoming stitch along so to clarify:

This is a stitch along – it is not a class or a video. We will be stitching this project together – each week I will post a step of the project so that you can follow along. On Friday I will provide the material list so that we can get started on the project next week.

Anyone is welcome to join there are no passwords or registration required, you just need to be subscribed to this Blog so that you receive updates by email.


18 thoughts on “Stitch along Clarification”

  1. Thank you Trish, for your generosity in sharing the projects and for the work involved. I’m looking forward to Friday and downloading the fuschia. That particular fuschia shown is one I had growing but long gone now. A stitched one will be great to do.

  2. Thank you Trish, I have your books and I’ve done 10 projects for your mini journal, I love your work 💝

  3. Greatly looking forward to participating in my first stitch along. Thank you for this generous and kind gift of time and knowledge. 💕

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