Project 12 Mini Journal

Hello everyone

As promised we will be starting the stitch along for project 12 of the mini journal on Friday 18th September. Here is the reference photo I have chosen – it is a beautiful fuschia flower in lovely shades of pinks and purples.

I will give you the list of materials and threads needed on Friday and we will begin by preparing our design ready for stitching. Each week I will post a new step and I will be covering all aspects of the design, preparing, stitching and little hints during the process.

For those of you who are not participating in the mini journal this will be an opportunity to have a small master class in needlepainting embroidery and see how I stitch a design. You are welcome to post questions at the end of each session and I will try to answer in a timely fashion:)

The stitch along is available free of charge to all my subscribers, so if you are not yet subscribed you can do so on the home page of my Blog.

Lets have some fun and look forward to seeing you on Friday.


26 thoughts on “Project 12 Mini Journal”

  1. Je vous remercie sincèrement au nom des 4 brodeuses de l isere(France) de nous avoir fait partager ces 11 pages et 12 à venir. De votre perfection, de votre gentillesse de votre amour à la broderie.merci Marie-Noëlle

  2. Hello Trish, I am unable to join in on the stitch a long, will I still be able to get a print version of project 12 at some time.

  3. I’m really looking forward to watching this class. Needle painting has always proved to be elusive for me. It’s a stitch I’d love to master. By watching a master at work I’m hoping I’ll pick up some tips. Thank you Trish. 💖

  4. Oh ~ I can hardly wait for Friday..something to look forward to on these days of isolation. Having an online class (in person would be better, but that won’t happen for me) will be awesome. I may not do a journal, but insert them in a cut out opening of makes a nice frame. Thank you so much ~ Sharon, California, USA

  5. Muchas gracias Trish. He comprado muchos de sus libros pero realmente me emociona aprender en directo a través de estas herramientas modernas. Muchas gracias por su generosidad.

  6. I am confused! Will the class be video or just reading on the blog? Can I jump in now or were the 11 projects that pertain to this I have missed? Will this class stay on blog or do I need to be on line at that exact time, what time would that be in USA eastern standard d time. I have all your books and so want to learn this art form. I joined during COVID and things are still crazy in the USA!

    1. You will be reading the blog and all the instructions will be posted on this blog. You dont need to worry about the time because you will receive the Blog post by email and can read it whenever you are ready:) Trish

  7. Thank you very much it’s a beautiful project. I have your book for beginner and colour but I didn’t dare to try, your needlepainting is so perfect, it makes me shy. But with this SAL and your guidance I am going to get started. Have a nice day. And I’m looking forward to reading you on friday. So many happy hours to come.
    Cécile from Paris

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledges !! I still can’t get a rendering close to yours despite your advice in your books and PDF patterns …. Your work is ‘too’ perfect;) !!!! Your generosity will certainly be a good adviser to me …. !!

  9. Thank you for your lovely patterns and guidance with the Journal. I have enjoyed it very much and look forwards to the fushia, my favourite flower. Joan

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