Mini Journal Layout

Good morning everyone.

Journal Layout.

Some of you are a bit confused as to the layout for the mini journal so I have provided the layout below. Please note that this is NOT set in stone. You may have done some of your own projects along the way or you may have changed the order, or put projects on different pages, it really does not matter. You are free to place your embroidery projects on any page you like. This is just a guide.

Stitch techniques

I have received quite a few questions with regards the stitch techniques, length of stitches etc. All the answers can be found in the free Stitch guide, or you can purchase a digital copy of my handbook for more details or you can watch a video here.

Till Friday, have a wonderful week.


13 thoughts on “Mini Journal Layout”

  1. Hi Tris, I am Evelyn, I have nearly all your books, started to sew during the COVID19. Love your embroidery and I am trying to sew from your mini project. Your
    site: MAIN MENU – PATTERNS – MINI JOURNAL. Unable to find this PATTERNS for the Mini Journal. Could u guide me, thks.

    Evelyn Mary

  2. Thank you for such clear and concise instructions. I only joined the blog last week but am enjoying the journal so far.

  3. So glad the placement doesn’t make a big difference. I matched the project numbers to the page numbers so my book will be uniquely my own. Thank you for this fun project. I am hoping to be a better needle painter by the end.

  4. Hello Trish,

    Thanks you so much for sharing your talents with us. I enjoyed your art work and also learned a lot from your book. I started doing your “stitching along” and was wondering if you can create a “group” on Facebook so we can post our progress, pictures and questions? I would love to see others people’s pictures from there and also we could encourage each others.

    Just a thought. 😊

    Thanks from Texas, USA

  5. Questions – should I be allowing space on my 12” x 12” piece of cloth for more than one motif? Two side by side as you show in your layout? What is the final size of the mini journal?

  6. Dear Trish, it was amazing to see your videos embroidering! I’m your fan, I have your books and I’ve done several of your works based on your written guidelines, but seeing you embroidering was excellent, and seeing that I’m in the right way is even better kkk Thank you very much! Cláudia Cardoso from Brazil

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