Stitch along part three

Hello everyone

This week we continue stitching project 12 of the mini journal. If you have missed any of the previous posts you can find them here, or by scrolling down to previous posts:

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Here is the flower and outlines diagram as a reminder from last week.


Start by outlining all the petals with split stitch in one strand of cotton in 3607.

Fill each petal with long & short stitch as shown – start at the bottom of each petal and work up towards the narrower area. We will start with those petals that are furthest away and work towards those that are in the front. It is best to complete each petal separately, before moving on to the next one.


Remember that we are trying to create light and shadow on each one so the lightest shades will be placed top right and the shadows/darkest shades will be placed bottom left. You can see how to do this in the steps.

Thread diagram


New Kit Layout A5


Once the petals have been filled, we are going to add a very dark outline here to define them. Outline each petal with one strand cotton in 3371 and 35. The darker areas of the petals will be outlined in 3371 and then change to 35 on the lighter areas as shown.

New Kit Layout A5


I love this stage of the project because the flower is taking shape and those gorgeous shades of purple- fuschia in the petals are looking luminous! You should be feeling very encouraged and hopefully learning a lot. I know this process is teaching me a lot in return!

Remember it does not matter if your project is not looking exactly the same as mine, we all express ourselves differently and please don’t compare with your neighbour. It has taken many years to gain confidence in my stitching and there are still many times, that I am not totally happy with my work. As long as you are enjoying the process and it is pleasing to you it will be successful. Hold your work away from you now and then and look at it from a distance you will see it in a whole new light!

Next week we will put the finishing touches to our flower, so if you have time outline the sepals in preparation for filling.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


15 thoughts on “Stitch along part three”

  1. Just wanted to thank you so much for the fuchsia in particular. The step by step instructions have been most helpful although a few times I wished your completed flower was visable!! I have enjoyed it so much and even found a few more sayings to pop in. I am inspired now to search through my books and magazines and do another favourite designer of mine (Jenny McWhinney) as a mini journal. Then I can pass them on to my two grand daughters. Thank you again for your generosity in time.

    1. Hi Ada so glad you are enjoying it. The reason the completed flower is not viewable is because I am stitching along with you so it is not finished yet:) By Friday all will become clear. Trish

  2. I really appreciated your kindness to sharing with us all your knowledge and this wonderful mini project . I can hardly wait for the next step !

  3. I can see that the outline stitch is worked with a single thread but is the long and short stitch in double or single thread. Thank you

  4. I really love this! Thank you for sharing. I have most of your books and am working my way up the project list. I have a question on the this project regarding the Sepals. I’m not sure how to do those correctly. I’ve gone through this twice and don’t see how they’re done. The last section by the outline shows them done, but not the full view. Thank you again!

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